Monday, December 2, 2013

Florida Bobcat

A good man, that there Florida Bobcat.

Ya know, Dude could find out anything at all about you, but he never used his intel against one of us Olden Days TDC Citizens.

He charmed us with his heart-felt YT videos with his dog Bandit during the end of his walk, his well-chosen words in each post, and he was never mean to any one of our TDC Clan.

Ya know, he tried out the FB thing, but maybe it wasn't his thing.  

Bobcat was old school.  He liked the telephone thing, (the one with out the texting, ya know, like Land Line), and boy couldn't he talk your ear off during each phone call. 

As a true gentleman, he would keep you involved with your own thoughts.

That's probably how he got his intel, ya think?

All kidding aside,

You will be missed, good friend.

You are with your wife now.

Rest In Peace, good man.



Hey ?

Is this thing on ? Is there anyone here ?

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Paper’d Up  by Snoopzilla  

Hey there, how have you been?  Been busy around these parts.  Work intrudes upon the time for fun, but both are necessary for you, my friend.

Thank you for visiting the remnant of a one-time really fun party we knew as the Mighty TDC.

The weirdness of Halloween Season awaits, shall we delve?  Time for some mental vacation on your Thirsty Thursday.  (It appears that the phrase has been taken over by quite a many bars, pubs and what-have-you).

I haven’t partaken of smoke in decades.  But if I ever did again, it might be fun to do so with “Snoopzilla” and James Franco. 

FWIW, it appears that most people in this country are lightening up their opinion of the smoke.  Or lighting up. 

Booze and sex is the solid standby for the rest of us legal-minded folks, isn’t that right?  But what about when it is a long-time porno star shilling her book, while endrunkened on a morning news show?.

Maybe we can fix the ObamaScare website roll-out with the help of McAfee anti-virus? 

Antidote:  Drunk guy in Japan, interviewing pixies with jobs.  Not what you think. 

Good Ole Jakety Ghoust  (RIP)   

Speaking of old ghousts,  Snoop Dogg  aka Snoop Lion wants to be named Snoopzilla for his reggae Funk.  

Bootsy Collins invented the funk, remember him from Parliament?  Well, he played with James Brown (RIP).

You should know that Ole Gregg  from the Mighty Boosh stole the funk back from the depths of the ocean.  


NSFW “Filth”  due to weird shit.


God Help You

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

No “One More For You"

Will not link to my tale from here anymore.  Sorry about that.  If you know me and what I do in the real world, then you will understand.

A big fight awaits my tribe. 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend At Willies Hijack Number Two

I Was Warned   by Robert Cray   

Hello there.   

Have I missed anything? 

It’s time to hijack this site. 

Welcome back, my friend.

Well, it’s just you and me now, gliding among the tombstones of this here once-mighty site.

Within the grave beds there lay the bodies of our avatars, our heated discussions, and our benevolent fucking with each other in the forums.

But one thing  remains, and it is the internet presence of  Rich Fowler’s TheDailyColumn.    

It is proper to remain true to the original intention of this site, isn’t that right.

“News, Photos and Weird Stuff”

Let’s navigate slowly so as to not disturb the angry ghosts.


Speaking of hijacking, our gubment got fucked by the Teabag Party.

Them bastards stumbled to close down the gubment and brought the planet to near economic collapse by holding their breath until they turned blue, and yet, Boehner came through before we hit the fucking ceiling.

You could see him sweating: he wanted to be true to the GOP extremists but them mavericks are embarrassing everyone…  God help him.

“Boehner has long since realized he must be bloodied first before he can steer the country to safety.”   From here.  

World economic catastrophe averted.  Whew.

When January 15th  comes, maybe them DC folks can find their balls and get us out of non-stop continuing resolutions (cowards) and pull a genuine budget map out of their asses.  Hard working people, real people like you and me, we deserve much better than this shitcapade. 

Think about it.

Whatever your political aspirations, it is true that we face many true challenges ahead, for the whole of us.

China is trying to jockey into place as the next world fiduciary?   Yeah, right: over 70% of the world’s financial systems are cemented to the U.S.Dollar.  Nothing else can take our place as leaders.

A more interesting discussion remains about these super-storms and widespread drought, sudden blizzards and gigantic hurricanes.

Our global weather patterns appear to be changing to a new norm of Massive Events:  Huge Storms and Droughts

Learn to hunt and store food, and sleep well with a gun under your pillow for the stealers.  Stockpile guns, ammo and canned goods!   Or, is it really just a stickpile? 

Tell us in the Foru---

Oops.   Sorry about that.

Epilogue  by Crosses   


Fix Things

Well, got the photos covered.  Now for the fun stuff.


Let’s see what weird shit your friendly ghost “willies” has dug up from the internet, shall we?

Magic Space Dust?

This puppet dog on Chatroullette will paint your future.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Rorschach Redemption.  Bunch of funny shorts. 

What if Horror flick characters actually made Good decisions?  Here’s the short answer. There would be no more horror films   Hell No.

Portal, the game:  Live action short: Survive!

Do you favor crows, or do you favor sparrows?

Ya know, fractals are math-science nerd fun, and so here’s a fractal generator site for free for you to explore.  I like to go deep.  Perhaps you do as well.  Many iterations await.

Fractal   by Kalipo   

Short video from Vsauce on how long we have been around here on this marvelous, tiny blue marble, lost in the eternity of space.

Short flick about paranoia  (Don’t be paranoid.  Do Not Panic.  Everything is OK):  On theLake.  

You see, we are not simply animals.  We have moments of clarity when we see the sun peek over the tops of the mountains, into our little valley here in the moonlit desert..

We should carry on, not carrion.

Animals   by Toadies  

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You

Raspberry Cane   by Youth Lagoon  

Here's own stuff, nearing completion.  Bless you for following along all these years my friend.  You have the patience of Job. 

(There is no such thing as writer’s block.  When you find that the words don’t come out correctly, then you have stopped digging deep.  Ask yourself this:  Why?  Are you afraid of the dark?  You might have to grab up a shovel and head off to the boneyard, lantern in hand.)

But first, you might want to get caught up?

Here’s the permanent link that will update each time you click it, when a new chapter is posted.

The story indicates that we must go back to them Purple Robes.  So, it will be called Chapter One:  King Of The Desert.

Don’t look at me that way.  I’m along for the ride, just like you.

By the way:  Fuck them bastards who killed our forums.

My Number   by Foals  


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hijack Numba Two?

Should there be a second hijack of this fine site?

Here is a link to the first time it happened, four years ago...

Shhhh...  don't tell Rich Fowler...

Hell, it's still his site, and will always be...



See you on the weekend for some fun?

 God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya.

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My Gun   by The Rubens  

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Where ya been, baby?


Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!