Friday, April 27, 2007


The Family is off to Orlando tonight for 8 days of Disney Bliss . We got 4 days at the parks & 4 days on the Disney Cruise and believe me it is well deserved after the schedule I have been keeping these last couple months .

You will be in good hands with Hoot all next week , Im sure he has some driving rants and porn all stored up to keep you entertained .

See you guys in a week .

It's vacation time .....

This is pretty scary, some tourist canoing minding there own business get attacked by a group of elephants

Play Chief Challenge ....I kick ass in this game .

During the filming for "Blu-tiful World" some "Gangsters" come out of no where and start shooting at the rappers and film crew

Telling the audience not to laugh at a comedian's jokes is nothing short of evil. And pretty brilliant, too.

The Onbashira Festival: Where the Japanese have been riding giant logs down steep hills since the 4th century. That's a lot of broken little legs.

Everyone loves a great asskicking... here are ten classics from the world of cinema

Another one from the nuts over at the Westboro Baptist church , This time she is saying WTC victims deserved what they got . ( these are the same people that picket at soilders funeral's )

Daily Dumbass: He was doing motorcycle backflips into a giant crate of foam. Except he missed the giant crate of foam. And hit the bulldozer next to it.

What happened in the two hours between the first killing and the massacre at Virginia Tech
The best part of this 1992 commercial for NERF is either Seth Green's hair or the synchronized "not" joke

Build a house using a limited number of blocks. This one is hard, brace thyself.

10 Classic Price is Right Videos (Including a bouncing boobie montage)

How the CIA used a fake science fiction film to sneak six Americans out of revolutionary Iran.

And the last one to end my week ...

If you are in a hurry to roll one out , THIS is your video .

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