Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finally something to bitch about

Ok , A rant today ....This time it's the FDA ( Food & Drug Administration )

Did you know that the FDA just approved funding for a diet pill .....wait for it ....For DOGS ! And do you know who funds the FDA ..... You do . Your tax dollars go to fund the FDA and their main concern is diet pills for dogs. There are pills out there for people that are around for 10 years before the FDA gets to look at them but doggie diet pills passes approval ?

And worse yet , what kinda of nutjob would say to themselves " hey my dog is getting fat , let me get him a doggie -slim" ? No, You get off your fat ass and you talk the frigin dog for a walk . Whats next treadmills for dogs , little weights for dogs . You know someone is going to start a personal trainer for celebrities dogs very soon right ?

Ohh, And more soilders were killed in Iraq today but that's not important america as long as our dogs are slender and fit . Here's a good look at what these guys go through everyday .....just terrible .

Here we go .....

After a long ball game this guy passed out in the parking lot, in the drivers seat, with the engine on, with his foot pressed firmly on the gas pedal. When a couple of strangers happen by with a camera . ( Thanks Ant)

Jamie Foxx wrecks a fellow comedian at a roast they are both performing at .

I am going to let you all in on what it feels like to be shot in the chest .....interesting read .

Here's a new one for the Dumbass Hall of Fame: Jumping off a car to body slam your buddy onto a table. Oh, and the table is flimsy, and covered in thumbtacks

Jealous of hot teachers/student sex getting all the media attention, local troll shakes her fun-bags at 5 yr old. (With pic goodness)

While drilling into a lake bed, the engineers realize they drilled to far and hit a salt mine 1300ft below the surface of the lake. The huge whole underneath the earth begins to flood with water creating a whirl pool effect.

"The Zimmers" is the oldest rock band in the world, with a lead singer that's 90 years old. They're going to be the subject of a BBC documentary that's set to air in May, 2007.

Man cuts off own penis in front of diners in busy London restaurant

The Drunk Tank: The Top 10 Videos of Wasted Celebrities

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