Friday, April 20, 2007

FIRE !~...maybe not

Today's column is about Firemen and EMT guys , You know these guys the ones that wear their uniforms everywhere they go even when they aren't working . But this is besides the point because that is and was a whole different column all together.

I am not diminishing what these guys do on a daily basis because they really have a hard job and do it very well ..for the most part but this state seems to think anyone should be able do this job which basically saves people's lives .In the past the minority leaders fought to have the written test changed from score rank to pass/fail which already compromises the position , but now they want the oral boards which candidates come before a board and are ranked on their answers , personality and conduct .

It seems the minority leaders think THIS process is racially bias too . Let me tell you one thing , If my house is on fire I don't want a person their putting it out that got on because of a loophole in the system . This type of position which deals with people's lives need the best man or woman available regardless if they are white, black , red , blue or purple .

This country has turned into a whimpering ball of mush .

Here we go ......

This is what happens when you set 9,000 mousetraps with ping-pong balls ( thanks Tom Green)

Here are some truly Amazing Google Earth Sightings , This is awesome .

Ever wonder what Jessica Simpson's nipple looks like ? Wonder no more .

Skate Punks are fearless . Security Guard Gets a Skateboard To The Head

David Hasselhoff probably doesn't want you to see this clip , but you know what I say .....Fuck David Hasslehoff.

As a whole, the "live broadcast boobie flash" just got a little less sexy

Rutgers women's basketball coach conveniently gets a book deal.

How to Pick Your Nose Inconspicuously (4 stealth techniques outlined step-by-step, along with 8 bonus tips and 3 warnings.)

Man who spills his beer sues bar for $200,000

Im going on record by saying There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrity Girl on Girl nude scenes

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