Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flickerstick ...or BUST

Flickerstick was unreal last night . They played a great set with alot of new material along with all the favorites we dig so much . The band sounded amazing as the room was the perfect fit for them .

Getting there was a different story .

Sure it was a bad rain storm , but Me & Hoot set out at 5pm for a show that started at 7pm with the Knitting Factory only being 1 hour 25 minutes away ..easy right ? We didn't get into the city till 9:30 after enduring 95 being completely closed TWICE along with 2 hours of traffic to move 1 hour . We got pushed off in Norwalk and tried to take the back roads to the Merritt ..Wrong Move as all those roads were flooded out as well and we had to find our way back to the freeway ....to wait in more traffic . If I wasn't in the car I wouldn't have believed it myself but thank god Hoot was with me to witness the utter madness that was last night's drive into the city .

After we got there , we downed about 5 beers and watched one hell of a show . Here are just some pics from last night's show ( I have some video in quick time form that I don't know how to post ) :

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