Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Wrap Up

I'm sure you guys are all Imus'ed out by now but I just want to say one more thing about it .

Imus got fired yesterday after the cowards over at CBS caved into the ridiculous pressure from the black "leaders" ( and I use that term loosely ) to have him taken off the air . OK so you think they would say thank you and call it a day right ?

WRONG ! They came back and pretty much said now that we see your so stupid to give into what we say , Now we want more black people hired at your stations , more black personalities on your stations and more black people in management. What a bunch of disingenuous shitheads . This whole thing had nothing to do with Imus but he was pretty much the poster boy for more getting more free shit and another free ride for the black community without having any merit or skills. Filling a quota isnt the way I want to run my buisness .

CBS made their bed now they have to lie in it ...with them .

Going to see Flickerstick on Sunday with Hoot , It is going to be a great Show .

Here We go ......

Here's a petition to get Imus back on the air on XM .....sign it .

Free Imus - The Myspace

Strip Blackjack. It's like regular blackjack, but strippier...and you play against other people online .

OK , I dont know what the fuck is going on here , Make sure you watch till the end and keep your eye on the kid in the back .

Well this is hot ..literally .

Theme Party: The Top 20 TV Theme Songs (plus an additional 60)

Hey, murder suspects in China: Stay away from ninth story windows. More specifically, any ninth story window with a giant fire hose pointed towards it.

You can thank me in advance : Jillian Grace at the ice cream parlor, Jillian Grace at the gym, Jillian Grace in the shower

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