Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Here we go again ....

It seems this page has turned into the Race relations page the past few weeks but the news doesn't allow me to talk about anything else ...and then the Imus thing comes along .

Look , Imus was wrong for what he said ..period . Did he say it maliciously , No . It was more of a goof or a light hearted joke rather than a racially charged hate filled statement but of course the black leaders are blowing something way off the map yet again . The black leaders love this sort of thing because it gives them a chance to show how much the "love" their people and how bad the white man is ...blah, blah , blah . What Imus did wrong was apologize all day long instead of just saying he was sorry in a statement and be done with it . It seemed the more this dummy kept apologizing the black leaders were playing Dog pile on the rabbit with him .
I got two words for Don Imus .......Anne Coulter . Anne Coulter love her or hate has balls and stands up for what she believes in . Every time she is confronted about something she says is offensive , She goes on the offense and strikes back to the point of telling people "Too bad if you don't like it , this is my opinion " and within a day or two it all passes over with her because she doesn't go cowering into a corner at the first sign of controversy.

Plus I think it might go a little deeper that just the statement . Think about this , Don Imus has a politically driven show and rips politicians on a regular basis . A couple of these guys probably got get together and said " Now it's our turn " .

Of course that last part is purely speculation .

Cant wait for the threads on this one .........

Astronauts gone Wild ...better than spring break .

Maybe it's something in the air. Maybe they were just having a bad day. Or maybe it was the handful of painkillers they swallowed moments before going on air. But whatever the explanation, weird, awkward interviews seem to be occurring at an ever more frequent rate. Going all the way back to Barbara Walters in 1981, and as recently as last month, Double Viking presents the most awkward interview moments of all time.

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Survey shows more than half of Europeans are in favor of a pre-emptive strike against Iran. Same survey also shows that more than half support someone else paying for it

Japanese men...... In bug costumes........ Doing gymnastics. No shit !

"Hmmm, I've come nowhere close to executing this trick that will probably paralyze me... oh well, go ahead and remove the foam padding."

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