Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Hey now. If it is Wednesday and you are seeing this even though the date is for Thursday I am posting it early, so no you are not crazy or maybe you are........either way I needed to post it today because I won't have access to a computer to post it after midnight tonight.

As for the ride Richie and I took into the city last Sunday he was right on about how nuts it was. All the years I have lived in New England I have never seen anything like that. We both could not believe all the roadblocks we ran into but it did happen. Insane. As for the show, it was great.

Nuff o that.

Smoking saves lives! Well, not really but it saved at least this one lady's life.

Check this out!
Now you are probably asking yourself what the hell is that a picture of? Is it a snowmobile with tires, or a motorcycle with snowmobile styling? Well actually it is the Can-Am Spyder. A new and unique vehicle of some sort.

They say our own flatulence is flammable but this could really burn your ass. A Japanese toilet maker has made public seven cases of malfunctioning "washlets" -- a combination toilet and bidet common in Japanese homes -- that smoked or caught fire from 1991 to 2005.

Speaking of toilets, this story is about some big elephant shit and how it may help the world.

Some of the information you hear in this may be disturbing. Inside Story From the Men Who Cleaned up The Mess from 911.

Richie if you are riding your jet ski in Old Town, Florida watch out for the flying fish along the Suwannee River.

Haha this kid gets owned by a picnic table!

Excuse me miss but why did you shoplift? "I have irritable bowl syndrome and I could not wait in line."

I don't know if Richie has ever posted this but with the hockey playoffs going on I thought I would post it. The one handed - one second hockey fight.

Here is that brunette the sign above warned you about!
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