Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

A 1,063-pound mako shark hooked close to shore in the Gulf of Mexico is being investigated as a possible world fishing record.

Do you have a pet peeve but nobody will listen to you? Try out My Pet and they may listen.

Morons on the highway! 10 car pileup.

WTF? Drunk deposits horse in bank for night!

Combine your photos, videos, audio and text to create stunning multimedia scrapbooks at Scrapblog.

This is a bit freaky. Real or not? Plus she is wearing your favorite line of clothing Richie. lol

Lucky shit! Store clerk's mistake turns into $200,000 lottery payoff.

Oh those Japanese are silly. A USB powered mask! Huh?

This guy gets hit hard by a truck that is out of control.

NASA releases first 3-D images of the Sun.

Whoever did this has some talent and a lot of patience. The MS Paint God.

This is pretty cool. The longest page on the internet! May take a little time to load.

See everyone next week while I cover for Richie.

Peace. Hoot23
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