Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Humpday Baby

Humpday is Upon us and the rain is moving away ....HURRAY !

A very funny parody of the David Blaine - Street Magic show ...I love the way he looks into the camera after everything he says .

There's nothing quite like Playoff Hockey brawls ....and this is a doozy for a couple nights ago .

The Top 5 Life-Ruining Viral Videos

Phone sex operator gets workers comp for carpal tunnel brought on by on-the-job masturbation.

Will Ferrell gets a visit from his bitch of a landlord.

Meet Clocky, the alarm clock that finds a different hiding spot every morning.

Britney is kinda back to her old ways ....FINALLY .

The 53 Best-Reviewed Sports Films on (Cringe Alert: Wait until you see some of the films ranked ahead of Caddyshack...)

You're allowing a female cop to rev the engine of a seized dirtbike inside the police station? I hope there's nothing important inside those file cabinets

Help Indiana decide on its next license plate

With baseball season here , Who is better than a white "willie mays hayes" ?
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