Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Humpday Stuff

This weather is killing me !

For this of you who don't know , It is 40 in CT this week ...40!!! It was warmer in January than it is in the 1st week of April . And they are saying tomorrow we are supposed to get a little Nor'easter that may bring several inches of wet snow to our area . I hate winter more now than ever before and I'm going to start a crazy person boycott of winter by myself . I told the wife yesterday that I don't care if we get 20 inches of snow on Thursday I refuse to shovel one bit of snow in April on principal .....and that's that .

Ok , Time to burn .....

This tool try's to prank his wife until ......well you'll see .

Baby stroller gets caught in subway door . Notice how she continues to struggle getting the stroller free after the baby is already saved. Some perspective lady

Overkill Apache - Mission Objective: 1. Collect some weapons. 2. Use them. 3. Make some noise! Swoop on the convoy in your chopper, and pick off the enemy!

If They Fought to the Death: The Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Eighteen-foot python ends up as road kill. Did I mention it was in the middle of England? (With pic)

Peep Research: "We all know that smoking and drinking can be bad for humans, but what about for Marshmallow Peeps?"

A man meets and then marries a 22-year-old woman after dreaming of her phone number and then sending her a text message

This week's entire South Park Easter episode. A lot of crazy shit happens, none of which can really be mentioned without explaining the whole damn episode.

Free for the taking: 3,600-square-foot house. Bring a van, you have to move it yourself

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