Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monday Monday

Me & Hoot just got back from Flickerstick in NYC . What an ordeal getting there , I'll tell you all about it tommorow .

Lets .......

If this doesnt tell the state of the USA today , nothing will .

I knew , I knew . Anna Nicole's monsterous breasts are what killed her in the end .(This is not a satire site or one of my exaggerations. That's the real story.)

This might be the headline of the year so far ....hahahaha

Educated Earth has put together forum with a good list of documentaries, and where they can be viewed on the web.

15-year-old Australian boy pretending to represent ABC TV succeeds in having more than 200 clips removed from YouTube

NSFW - Gweneth Paltrow is ...or has an asshole .

Reporter Gets Attacked With Snowballs During Live Report

Just a word to the wise : Don't swim in the Congo river

Luxury watches being made from pieces of the Titanic. Oddly enough, they aren't water resistant

Custom Sign Generator Page - Tons of stuff to do on here .

The iPod may get you mugged in most big cities, but it can save your life in iRaq.

Play " Chick Chick Boom " ...very fun game
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