Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monday Rips

Unreal weekend up here in New England . 80 degrees and sunny is the only way to live , this is what Im talking about . I only have 1 week till vacation and cant hardly wait another second .Not going to go on today , enjoy the rest of your monday .

HERE WE GO ......

For all you classy Red Sox fans who think Yankee fans are bad , This is for you .

Indian teachers sprinkled cow urine on low-caste students to purify them and drive away evil

This guy just seem to figure out why he cant get a girl to date him .

Bill OReilly and Geraldo Rivera Huge Fight ...I think I agree with O Rielly here .( they really get into it about 2 mins in )

How to beat a traffic ticket if you're fat and balding instead of a hot chick

Ohhh Vida , How you touture me so .

Wanna see Quentin Tarantino Owns an Interviewer problem .

Play Indestruco Tank - Use yourself (tank) like a missile to destroy enemies. The longer you play, the more enemies appear on the screen simultaneously

Elton John could be on "Who's Line is it anyways " with these Improv skills .

Dont forget to get the kiddies out to "Pyratecon," a weekend-long pirate festival in New Orleans. Arrrg, all the good stuff done be looted

And to end with , Bill Murray's motivational speech from Meatballs :

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