Saturday, April 14, 2007

The on time weekend update!!

Well I am getting it started a little earlier this week in an attempt to have this up for the early morning Saturday bunch!!

I just have to chime in a little about the whole Imus thing, I agree with Richie and think it is a huge disgrace. The guy made a mistake,he was supposed to be suspended for it, then he apologized for it, move on. I just don't think he should be fired!!! Isn't this the same guy that donates a ton of money to cancer?? Isn't this the same guy who sends kids of all races to his ranch?? He is doing a comedic radio show and what he said was meant to be a joke and funny. Now you can say it was a joke in bad taste, but that is what it was meant to be a joke!! I have heard a lot worse come out of of other comedians on stage, I have also heard a lot worse come out of rappers mouths and no one says jack shit!! I will stop there since I am sure we are all pretty sick of hearing about this huge steaming pile of Bull Shit!!!

Let's have a little fun-

If you were wondering why A Rod has gotten off to such a legendary start this year, well here is your answer!!

For those of you self proclaimed intellectuals, take the Classic IQ test!!

Here is a game for Richie-Snowball, see how big you can get yours!

Extra, extra read all about it-Sausage explodes during table side service in a restaurant!!(some graphic images)

Vets arm bitten off by crocodile??

Amidst all the racial tension, here is an awesome Dave Chapelle show skit!!

Play Bush shootout and kill terrorists!!

Create your own Simpsons character!!

Let's finish with a little porn-NSFW!!

Are these the perfect breasts??

Or do you like to go in the shower with Faith??

What a workout!!

You all have a great weekend and a nice week!!
Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!