Sunday, April 22, 2007

A quick Sunday column!

Well the weather is finally starting to turn and we have a gorgeous start to the weekend and it looks like Sunday will be lovely too. Now the only thing that would make this a perfect day is if the Yankees can beat the Sox tonight and run their Japanese pitcher Dice-K out of the game. If you haven't been watching the Yankees have lost the first two games of the series and are now on the verge of getting swept. Let's just hope that doesn't happen tonight, but if it does, keep in mind it is a very long season!!

Let's do a quickie!!

If you are not from around here or do not watch alot of baseball, here is a little something about the greatest rivalry in sports history!!

Here is one for the Sox fans, I am sure you will love this commercial!!

Richie posted her video earlier this week regarding Vagina Power, well here is her haloween special!

I posted a variation of this classic Muppet video a while back, well here is the original Ma-Na-Ma-Nah!!

Here are the top 20 hottest female athletes!!

11 Pranks gone wrong!!
(with video evidence of course)

Wouldn't you like this to be your mother??? WTF!!

Guy runs for prom queen??

Play this cool racing game, you can use your mouse or the keyboard!!

Play Kitten Cannon!!

I will finish with some pron!!

Michell rides the Sybian and it works really well!! NSFW

Another great pornshoot mishap!! NSFW

I hope everyone has a great day, get outside and enjoy it!! I will see you all next weekend!

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