Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

This is killing me ! I would love to have something to bitch about .....but I don't . I have 4 days till vacation , the weather just broke for the best and I'm pretty happy in general .

Jesus , I sound like Mr Rogers ?@?@

Here It Comes .....

Well A little stuff to bitch about is good , check this out and tell me I'm not right about everything I wrote about the NAACP & The Imus situation .

Have you Ever wondered what your body looked like without the skin ? Well this exhibit raised alot of eyebrows and outcry but it is very informative and helpful . ( Thanks ErinLynn)

If you loved the movie " Anchorman" as much as I did , You love the outtakes and bloopers .

TV Show Theme Song Quiz, Part Two ..how did you do ?

Scientists announce method for saving the planet: Stop going to work

Here are 10 Spectacular Sports Finishes That can Only Happen in the Movies

This is a great Gag , Get on a passenger train and sit next to random ladies and watch hardcore porn . ( If you notice none of them move and a couple actually watch )NSFW kinda

FHM's "Digital Darlings" 2007: You get to look at pictures of 100 hotties and pick your favorites. The top 20 contestants get to take a trip to The Bahamas, where they'll take even more pictures for you to look at.
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