Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Wounded Sunday column!!

Well here I am late again as usual, it seems to be a regular occurrence!! Well we went to The Webster last night for the Wolfmother show and they did not disappoint. the band sounded amazing!! They pretty much played all the songs off their album plus a couple of new ones. I would highly recommend going to see these guys if they come around your neck of the woods. We got home around 3:00am after a big night of drinking and I just finished up my first Sunday softball game. Yes that is right I had a 9:00am softball game so you can imagine how that must have felt!! We play for forum member boogietrunk's bar RC Spryers Tavern in west haven and we just won our first game. We were losing in the bottom of the 7th and we had a little rally to tie it and go to extra innings and we won in the bottom of the ninth on a base hit by yours truly!! i guess a little hangover helps the bats!! So without further delay, let's do this!!

If you are ever in the Springfield Mass area stop in here, to the best strip club in New England!!

Michel Jackson calls Sanjaya from American Idol after he is voted off!!

This guy is an idiot!!!

Meet batdog!! Billy D will love this!!

Play the Christopher Reeve jet pack wheelchair game!! help him collect stem cells to gain energy!

I assume this kid will become a great guitar player!!!

TWIT-Did anyone catch Jack Black on American Idol this week??

Another driver falls asleep at the wheel, but this time he is actually driving!!

For Richie, the top ten Howard Stern moments!! (with video evidence of course)

Here are the top ten Pulp Fiction parodies!!

Will Ferrell Dog Attorney!!

How about we finish with a little porn!! NSFW

Here are some Sam Cooke galleries!!

Girl gets caught on security camera having sex with two guys outside club!!

Here's Cleopatra!!

Have a great day, I will see you next weekend!!
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