Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cmon People , Think a little .

What the fuck is wrong with people ?? Where did we go wrong as a society ??

The most recent " crazy bitch killing her kids " story came out of texas yesterday when a mother of 3 killed her kids of 5 , 3 , 2 and then killed herself . The worst part of the story is the way she did it ....she hung the kids in a closet then she hung herself .She had a 8 month old also which she hung but that little girl actually lived .

I'll say it again , what the fuck ?

Do us all a favor you future nutcases ...If you are a mess in the head and just cant cope with day to day life then inm sure no one is going to miss you if you off yourself but for gods sake dont bring other people into your world of shit and kill others first . This story is unreal !

Ok , Lets do this .....

I dont think that I can come up with anything better than a Vicious Bikini Beach Brawl with 17 year old chicks

Note to self : Dont come out of your house with a knife and run at the cops ...EVER !

Two things make this clip of a drunk Bruce Willis great, firstly the reporter actually calling him Bruce Wilson and the Yippie Kai-ayy Mother Fuckers!

McDonalds doesn't like the word McJob, meaning you should work it into your daily conversations.

Who doesn't love wedgies performed on hot girls, and when they are done from a crane it's even better

No TV, no broadband for a week: One family's harrowing survival diary

A telemarketer calls an elderly woman who claims she is on the do not call list. People have DIED because of you telemarketers!

5 car pileup caused by driver swerving to avoid goldfish in road

This is pretty much the best quiz game ever created, and it's damn hard

NSFW : Nicole Davis, a Playboy "Fresh Faces" discovery
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