Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Davey's Humpday Happenings!

Hello all, Daveyboy here to hopefully bring you a little joy during the workday this Wednesday. Keep in mind just 2 more days till the glorious weekend!! Here we go-

How much has this guy had to drink???NSFW(because of links on side)

Has anyone ever been to the Bollywood little people party???

The weatherman who gets attacked by kids!!

If you missed this on Letterman the other night, here is impressionist Rob Magnotti.

Now this brings up a good question, What would you do if you found 700 lbs of Cocaine left behind on an airplane??

How stupid do you have to be???

Play Skygolf, a really cool mini golf game that takes place high in the sky!!

Here is a cool twist on an old classic game, play 3D Pong!!!

One more game, play Perry the Perv in Serial Peeker!!! The object is to not get caught peeking!!

For all of you who are Bush supporters, George Tenet speaks out!!

Let's finish with some porn!!! NSFW!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little clip from Kate's Playground!!

Check out 40 inches of ass!!!

Here is a little nude Ann Angel!! Nice tan lines!!

I hope that keeps you busy today, see you over the weekend!!

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!