Friday, May 18, 2007

Entourage ....Ahhhh ?

Ok , I know I might catch a little slack from the male & couch potato population but I dont really see why so many people like Entourage, To me it's just ok. I dont really follow this show that much but my friends have told me to watch it for a couple weeks and I'll be hooked . Well I watched it for a couple weeks and I actually think less of it now than I did before I started watching it .

First off , What kind of good show is only on for 1/2 hour . Everyone knows you need 1 hour to be a decent show . Secondly , It's the kind of show that doesnt go anywhere . You can miss a week and nothing exciting happens or nothing gets done . It's kinda like a Seinfeld episode because it's just a bunch og guys doing nothing minus the laughs.

Lastly , to all the young adults who think their "crew" is like this let me be the 1st to tell you that it isnt and your not as cool as these guys even think they are .

I will now hand my man card in and join the unpopular ranks because I know Im getting killed in the forums today over this one .

So let's do it ....

If ever you whack over cute webcam chicks - Jesus will be watching you ! ( My Dad ! is the best line)

Reminder: Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day ....This is bad .

NSFW - Sensual Arousal Blog - The Erotic Blog of a Bi-Curious girl . ( Hey , I dont write this shit , thats what it says)

Trapped - Here's an eerie, yet really cool, point and click adventure game. Figure out what the hell's going on..good luck.

Remember Tom Green from MTV days ? Well he's back and he does an exclusive internet show from his basement every week .

Masturbation gesture gone VERY wrong in the office

Shrek 3 comes out tonight , Here's a little game to get your 2 months of Shrek down your throat started .

Bible Fight - Fight with your favorite biblical characters. Uh oh...

In this time-lapse video from Iowa, you can see the movement of a gravity wave. (Gravity waves are generated in the troposphere by frontal systems or by airflow over mountains. At first waves propagate through the atmosphere without affecting its mean velocity. But as the waves reach more rarefied air at higher altitudes, their amplitude increases, and nonlinear effects cause the waves to break, transferring their momentum to the mean flow)

The most Unflattering tattoo EVER !

You've got the giant scorpion. You've got the Spiderman mask. The next logical step is to let the scorpion bite your crotch and ass

This 60's era Hungarian sausage commercial will make you LOVE the meat

With enough patience, you can create an image of yourself that looks like a police sketch.Try and make a scetch of yourself without looking in the mirror then take that scetch and compare it to yourself , they never look alike .

If you're reading this before you click, consider it a preemptive apology.
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