Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Good Idea

Since I am in search of a solution for the weekend here at the Daily Column headquarters ( my house ) I got a good idea from a forum member that just might work with a little help from all of you guys . Forum member BunnyBear came up with this idea :

This is her post - I'll probably get laughed at for this one, but it would be kind of fun if all the forum regulars did a team/community column. Somebody (maybe Richie?) pick a central theme or topic, and everybody has to contribute at least one unique link for that Topic-Column. Then we could vote on the best link submitted. I'd be willing to organize it and collect the links and send them all together to Rich. I would let people know if they submitted a dupe and let them try again. I'm sure you much more creative people could come up with a topic...

I think this is a fantastic idea and it could be easily done . All we need to do is have enough links submitted to me by friday night and I can easily put something together for saturday morning .

Here's what we will do, I'll give you a topic and you guys can submit anything you want , any link , any picture or any story kinda related to this topic and email it to me for the upcoming weekend . All you have to do is write an email to me , make up a small write up for your link and put the URL at the bottom of your email and I'll add it to your little write up of the link .

Here's an example on what your email should look like :

Here's a link for the weekend column -

Gee that guy who owns The Daily column is one sexy bitch !


And I'll add your link to your comment and give you credit at the end of your post . Please tell me what name you want to be called so I dont use your real name unless you want it that way .I have a feeling this could really be a good thing and we will start this TODAY for this weekend so start sending me those emails . The topic at hand will be posted on the side to the right .Check it every week .

Have Fun .

Here We go .....

If you have a TomTom navigation system in your car ( I own a Garmin) you can now have a celebrity telling you where to go . Mr T is an really .

Britney Spears shocked hotel guests by stripping down to her bikini at a party before splashing about in a pool screaming . The only reason im linking this story os because it has a pic attatched .

If you can only see one movie this year: It probably won't be the live-action version of Underdog

Strangest concept of the day: Surgery performed on love dolls

SuPuzzle - Connect all 3 houses to the water, eletricity and gas suppliers without crossing any lines.

Here's Debbie Does Dallas - The G Rated version .

Amy Fisher is violently upset that Joey Buttafuoco is spending time with his wife. This is 2007 , right ?

Looking for that perfect movie at blockbuster for your date ? Here are the top 50 date movies ever .

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!