Monday, May 21, 2007

The Good Old Days

I saw something on the highway last night that brought back alot of great memories for me , It was a Suzuki Samauri .Now I know what your probably saying . " What the fuck is he talking about ?"...Well let me explain . Remember back when you had just got your license and you got your 1st summer car ?( A summer car is the car you werent afraid to pull up to a bunch of girls blasting Loverboy without them laughing) . Remember how awesome it would be just to go pick up your freinds and just cruise for hours with absolutely no where to go?

My buddy Ray had a white Suzuki Samauri with a huge splash along the side that we rode for hours and hours and anyone who lives in West Haven and was a teenager back in 86 - 93 remembers this car because it was always down the beach .

It was funny seeing it because I havent thought about that car and all the good times we had in it in years , And As I was riding on the highway thinking about I had a huge grin on my face from the thoughts the car brought back .

So my question is : What was your first "Summer" car and what was so cool or special about it ?

( I know the forums are down , hopefully they will be up today)

Lets do this .......

I probably love Costco more than anyone but THIS is really tsaking the love of costco thing to a new level.

Monkey Keep Ups - Don't run away because of the ridiculously stupid name this game has. It's actually pretty addicting...just see how long you can keep the monkey in the air by clicking it.

XM Radio is caught lying about cancelling our accounts ..listen to it .

Combine bubbles to create multiples of 10 and 20. You'll lose points for going over or under. Get your math on

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I'm not a professional toe auditor, but it would appear Oprah's numbers don't add up

When athletic massages from high school coaches go wrong: "She became alarmed when he ejaculated on her. He told her it was massage oil."

NSFW - Ovelle Pharamceuticals are an Irish natural skincare products company. Their MD decided it would be good idea if some of their staff (including the MD herself) appear naked in a promotional video.

84% of women in survey say they've met new men by ass grinding in club

Kite Surfing: It's all fun and games until a jet flies too close to your kite

Bid to rewrite list of Seven Wonders of World (with voting enabled for your suggestions)

Today's broadcasting lesson: How to keep your poise when your co-anchor is ripping really loud farts

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