Monday, May 7, 2007

Good to be back

Well Im Back ...Hold your applause .

What a absolutely fantastic vacation I had this time around . We had 4 days at Disney & 4 days on the cruise with perfect weather every single day . But I know you guys don't want to be bothered with stories of 90 degree days and 85 degree nights , Snorkeling with 5 foot barracudas , white sand beaches , Swimming with and playing with Dolphins and enough food and booze to make a king and queen blush ...right ?

Nah , I know you don't and I'm glad to be back home in chilly CT where the weather is shitty and the landscape is getting shittier .

Ohh by the way , Keith Olbermann is a complete asshat but that's for another day .

Here we go ....

This is Castaway Cay , The private Island owned by Disney that we stopped at one of the days on our cruise . Check it out if you get a chance .

This is way wierd , Saudi Arabian Soccer Player Killed by Angel Of Death. Watch the way he dies because some people say its a stroke but I just dont know .

Britney Spears ..Topless . Need I say anymore ?

It looks like Youtube is going to start paying users .

This one is pretty strange, especially since it's basically a bunch of hand-drawn scribbles turned into a game.

Watch the first episode of 20 great television shows, in their entireties

The local government of Treviso, in northern Italy, has ordered the city's Chinese restaurants to remove red lanterns from their windows because they look too "oriental"

Say what? Yeah this pussy will bust a nut!

The Rosie O'Donnell Replacement Video Talent Show: The front-runners to take her spot on The View, in all their annoying glory.

Single military parents deployed abroad are losing custody of their children by default

If the other 2 boozebags covering for me posted any of these links then I apologize . I haven't got to read up on anything just yet .
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