Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

I know this picture has been floating around the Internet, but finally today it is actually somewhat appropriate!! I had to get up at 6:00 and do a catering delivery so I am ready to crawl back into bed after a good night of drinking, so without further ado, let's go!!

This is for Billy D-Pictures from Chicago's famous Pug Parade!!! Check out Al Pugpone!!

Hootie and I are going to see Jet this Wednesday May 9 at the Webster Theater in Hartford. If you are around it is sure to be a great show, come on down and check it out!!

Check out Gene Simmons from Kiss on the Mike Douglas show from 1974!!

Remember these, Members only jackets!!

Here is a couple of top tens for ya,

The top ten drunks on the net!!!

The top ten Ninja moments!!

Have a snickers, says Mr. T!!

Play Bloons, and help the little monkey pop all the balloons!!!

I spy a drunk David Hasselhoff!!!

Here are some of the typical white stereotypes!!

Nation mourns goat wife??????

To catch a predator-Giggles the clown??

Play sunburn and try to fry the tourists on the beach!!

One more game for you, the Ladybug Mating game!!

The LAPD is at it again!!!

Little Becky prank calls demolition company to knock down her school!!!

I will finish it up here with a little pron!!! NSFW!!!!

This is one of my favorites, check out Allison Angel!!

Have fun tonight drinking, but don't drink and drive, drink and stay put!!!
See you next weekend
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