Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Friday

Today's column is about Things that make you scratch your head and wonder why & what the fuck are they thinking . I usually see these things when I am by myself and I look around to see if anyone is seeing what I am seeing .

Like Airport security , I know things have to be tight and im not bitching about the extra time it takes or that you pretty much need to undress to get through nowadays , Im really not bitching about that . It's the random checks they do on people , usually they are on the wrong people and a waste of resources . If you see an 85 year old woman getting searched it's kinda assinine. Or if you see the typical all american family ( like if barbie & ken had children and took a trip) getting searched , also assinine . Be a little selective and if it means me being and feeling safe on the flight then I say profile away .

Another thing is softball teams who look for walks and dont take the bats off their shoulders . Guys , It's slow pitch softball so there is no need to work the count and try to squeeze out a walk . You are up there to hit so hit that damn ball. We played this team on wednesday that were taking pitches that were literaly 1 inch off the mat and it annoyed the shit out of me .

third thingis the new noise detectors the New Haven PD has . ...Huh ? I, For one, Think NHPD has alot more important things to do then to walk up to a group of people with their little device and hold it up the their boombox to see if it has the right amount of decibals pumping out of it . Could someone tell the stupid mayor half his city is in shambles , the other half is either homeless or in jail so noise from cars or radios should be the least of his problem .

Ok , Ill stop for now ......

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