Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy post memorial day

I hope you all enjoyed YOUR weekend column this past week because everything in it was submitted by you - the readers (no thanks to you Greg). The turnout was just ok and I would like to see more links this week , The new topic is up on the right side .

If you cant get through my Daily column email , email me at Fowl444@comcast.net because alot of you have been telling me that my DC email is having problems .

Here we go ....

This is fantastic , Billy D you are going to love this !@! A new sort of twist on NWA's " Fuck the Police" . Now the song is G Rated .

Buy Your Own Pop Band! That's right you get the band , the managers , the roadies , the equiptment . The whole kit and kaboodle .( you'll never guess what popular band it is ?)

Can you see it ? This is pretty cool too .

I just cant see how this is possible but all these art pieces were made from a single sheet of paper

Meat meets patriotism, and PETA cries

How to walk away from your own fart ....Ok , I dont get it either .

How bout a nice Niagra Falls suicide during a live news story .

It's Science: A biology study conducted in the cafeteria at Connecticut College concluded that the "5 Second Rule" could actually be extended to 30 seconds

When a Late Night writer calls in sick, Conan goes to check on him
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