Friday, May 4, 2007

Hoot's Friday Freakout

I have to rant a bit to start this day. Have you heard about this motherfuckin, cocksuckin, low life scumbag of a judge Roy Pearson that is suing a Korean family for $67 million dollars over a pair of pants they lost from their dry cleaning business but then later found. This is the type of frivolous lawsuit that makes our legal system look like a big fucking joke sometimes. I mean how in the hell does this even get to the legal process in the first place? And the amount he is suing for is beyond ridiculous. Over a pair of fucking pants. God I hate shit like this. This is why you can't do anything is this country anymore without some asshole turning around and suing you because they want to. I think it all stems back to the fuckhead judge that gave that dumb lady who burned herself with the McDonald's coffee so many years ago. Hey lady it's coffee, it is supposed to be hot. Moronic people of the world. Arrrrrggghhhh!@%&*$

Ahhh. Now I feel better.

I am in a great mood today. I found out yesterday that I landed a big contract to install a gymnasium floor(about 20,000 square feet) for the University Of New Haven. They are building a new recreation center on their campus and a contractor I work with is building it. They had a couple of bids for the project but yours truly got it. Woo hoo!!!

Alrighty then, let's get to it.

Does everybody have their drink on for Cinco De Mayo?

And for those of you who think that Cinco De Mayo is only about drinking I am here to tell you that it is!!! Well not really but here in America it tends to be all about the drinking. In truth there really is a historic significance to the fifth of May.

The Celebrity Hate Song

Spring finally arrives in northern Vermont. And they have a unique way of telling exactly what time it showed up.

Build your own action figure with

This weeks parents of the year ward goes to: The father and mother of two South Toledo boys that ran away from their mobile home to avoid being abused and locked in a cage. Police arrested their parents for child endangering.

At only 2 foot '9 inches tall, Weng Weng fights crime in the Phillippines as Agent 00.

Yikes. Naked man superglued to exercise bike.

Still at it after all these years. Weird Al Yankovic: Dare To Be Stupid

Look out another Jeffery Dahmer is on the loose..........or maybe not. Four human skulls were discovered in a man's apartment, one boiling in a pot of water, but authorities said charges aren't likely. Huh?

This is cool. Jet Blast Blows Truck into Water.

Mmmmmm Daisy Marie & Madison Young

Wow what a Sunrise Adams!!! My goodness.


Well that wraps up my week covering for Richie while he was away playing with Mickey & Minnie. Everyone one have a safe Cinco De Mayo if you go out. Stop in tomorrow to see Daveyboy's weekend column..... or Sunday if he doesn't get one posted Saturday. lol

I will be back for my normal Thursday column next week.

Adios pantalones. Peace. Hoot23
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