Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Hey now!

I want to thank Daveyboy for coming through with a column yesterday. That helped me out from having to do five full days. I can see why Richie likes having me do at least one column a week. It is a bit tough putting something out every single day seeing we all have our regular jobs and other things in life to take care of. With that said I want to thank Richie for being able to do as many days as he does on here with the limited time he has. This site is put together out of our wanting you, the readers, to enjoy and have something to waste your days with.

Let's do it!

Some funny ass pics and pranks here. The Top 12 Ways You Know You Are Drunk!

How do you make an ass out of yourself in front of a judge? Bring your donkey along to testify in court!

The remains of the Russian Kursk Submarine which sank August 12, 2000.

This is cool and it seems real but I think something is fake about it. Watch the way the balls move in it. Something fishy there. Crazy Ping Pong Ball Video.

Calculate the duration between two dates

Remember the Smash Up Derby Toy. Here is the TV commercial for it, in all it's redneck glory.

One thousand, two hundred eighteen dead. The lives of families devastated. Sixty-eight years of debate about a suicide barrier. Lethal Beauty is a seven-part series looking at the darker side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I tell you those Japanese have some weird hobbies or whatever you like to call this. You have heard of air guitar and air drums but Japan is taking the air thing to a new level. I present to you Air Sex Nation. WTF???

Wikipedia tells you all about Criminal Tattoos

Ouch. In-line skater breaks his arm and faceplants.

Nice. New England Patriots Cheerleader Tryouts!

Mmmm lots-o-nice blondes!!! NSFW

One more day till the weekend and America's latest holiday to get drunk. Drinko-de-mayo.....errr.....ummm Cinco-de-Mayo!!!

See everyone tomorrow. Peace. Hoot23
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