Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Hey there!

Yikes! Spiders found in ear of boy with earache.

Get your box of ice here!

Drunk students learn lesson from peeved giraffe

Get out your big wheel and race down the most crooked road in the world.

This is an interesting story. NYT Supports Hoaxer, NOT Real Victims

Before you get rid of that hard drive that you think you deleted everything on check out how to really erase a hard drive.

35 Fun Things to Do While Driving

How an Air Conditioner Should Be Mounted Russian Style

Video Mocking Arizona Border Patrol

This is from a couple weeks ago but the entire country of Colombia's electrical grid collapsed.

This is pretty cool. Pandora Internet Radio. You type in an artist you like and it finds music similar to what you asked to hear.

That is all. Peace. Hoot23
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