Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Monday

I hope all you mom's had a great day yesterday because the weather here in Ct was UNREAL !

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14 classic "Gong Show" clips, including the infamous popsicle licking (AKA "Dong Show") segment

When breaking into a police station try to avoid getting stuck in one of the prison cells

For all you Camera nuts , Break dancers photographed so it looks like they're falling

A police officer ate marijuana brownies, and was possibly unprepared for the effects. This is his phone call to 911.

Vagina: Interpretive Dance

Plant responsible for pet food contamination torn down. By owner. Just days before US FDA inspectors were scheduled to arrive.

Sincere Answers to Common Spam Mail

Rosslyn Chapel holds a musical mystery in its architecture and design. At one end of the chapel, on the ceiling are 4 cross-sections of arches containing elaborate symbolic designs on each array of cubes (in actual fact they are rectangles mostly). The 'cubes' are attached to the arches in a musically sequential way. And to confirm this, at the ends of each arch there is an angel playing a musical instrument of a different kind.

This guy played with soundwaves until he discovered the note that created the patterns on these cubes, and was able to re-create the song depicted on the cubes. Cool stuff, if you're into sound, mystery and/or physics

Mexican doctor busted for replacing drug dealers' fingerprints with foot skin

Quiz: Match the Political Scandal to the City it Rocked
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