Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pissed Off today

Well after my last column I have since called up XM and cancelled my subscription . I am not going to pay for a service that is supposedly to be uncensored and have the freedom to say pretty much anything since it is a pay service and then have XM turn around and cancel the BEST SHOW ON RADIO for something they didnt even say ....The Times we live in are fucked !

What's going on in this country when it comes to freedom of speech is unexceptable. We are digressing as a society when it comes to almost any form of entertainment. It is like we are back in the sixties. Where will it stop? Radio, standup, music, art, personal conversations. Alone nothing can be done, so please help support this site

What O & A and Imus have had to go through is bullshit...I say we turn the tides on the whimps that are in charge at XM and CBS.

Every time we have to see a fucking video clip on the news over and over that is the result of the vews whores shoving a camera in someones face after a tradegy, we call and complain, contact the advertisers and ask how they can support such an act.Every time we see on a sitcom someone making fun of any race, religion, etc we call and express our outrage....

Why is there such a thing as the Womens Channel and BET????

Oh and the "NEWS" organizations are so busy chasing after these so call "Shock Jocks"....just curious how many Americans have died in Iraq this week????????

I don't believe they are fired,but I cancelled just based upon the suspension, which I believe many people also did.

As far as them not ruling the XM airwaves, they are the number one channel according to Eric Logan(Director of Programming for XM). Maybe he's lying, who the hell knows, but in my 3 years with XM, nothing other then O&A is good enough to keep me listening. I can listen to music I like from my MP3 player, instead of trying to find something decent on over 100 music channels that are just OK.

As for the number of people cancelling, the numbers are up there. I've called customer service a couple times, and my wait time tonight at midnight was at least triple anything I've ever experienced. And the guy on the phone knew why I was calling. Maybe cancelling will accomplish nothing, but I also have nothing to lose. It will cost $15 to reconnect, if the boys come back, but I will save $12 for the month they are off, so there really is no reason not to drop XM, just as they have dropped me.

Im at a loss here , They are still on Free FM so at least I'll get my 6 - 9 fix but that show has been so watered down lately since everything that went on I dont know what they will say tommorow .

Ok , A quickie for me tonight ......

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