Friday, May 25, 2007

The Poker Tourney is HERE !

That's Right Folks , The 1st annual DAILY COLUMN TEXAS HOLD EM TOURNAMENT is all set !

If you havent read all the info to right yet , then I'll fill you in right now .

The Date : June 19th
The Place : R.C Spreyers Tavern , 631 campbell ave West Haven Ct 06516 (931 1777)
The Time : 7:00 start . Sign in at 6:30
The Cost : $55.00 per player and Top 3 payouts

We are limited to the first 20 players that commit to me via email or PM but Im sure there will be plenty of cash games going for those of you who dont get in . This is a great way to meet other people like you who read the column everyday . Plus Boogie will have beer flowing and the shots ready . Please try to be early so we can start on time .

Hope to see you all there .

1 more day to get anymore links in for the 1st ever reader submitted weekend column , I got a bunch already but I could always use more . The weekly topic will be on the right every week .

Lets Go ......

Lone Mexican Versus Americans at an Anti Mexican Protest

NSFW Courtney Love opens up a concert with rock music..and titties ..I have to be honest , I find this hot as hell for some reason .

U.K. teachers are dropping the Holocaust and the Crusades from their curriculum

This would be really funny, except that it's really sad. St Louis relief pitcher Josh Hancock slammed into a tow truck which was assisting a stalled vehicle. Dean Hancock is suing the driver of the stalled vehicle for negligently allowing his vehicle to reach a condition that caused it to stall. He's also suing the tow truck company for not removing the vehicle rapidly enough. And, of course, he's suing the restaurant/bar where Josh got wasted.

Catfight: Rosie O'Donnell VS Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Rotten Tomatoes . 38% positive reviews. Every single review says the film's plot is labyrinthine, confusing, and totally incomprehensible

Rise through the ranks to become the best stickman sniper in town!

The Biel Deal: A Video Tribute to Jessica Biel

Two words - Violin Halen.

The Celeb Virginity Shootout: Who Lost It, And When
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