Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ready To Fight !

I am declaring this website a free speech zone for all which has become a rarity in these times we live in .With all the recent bullshit the so called government and certain groups have put the 1st amendment under lately it's seems like everyone is back to walking on eggshells and our right to free speech means shit nowadays .

First it was the Imus fiasco and just recently the show which follows O & A on free fm , JV & Elvis , have been suspended indefinitely for playing a tape of a bit they did a while back where they prank called a Chinese restaurant . The Chinese activists deemed it inappropriate and called for their dismissal and of course stupid CBS buckled again instead of taking a stand and telling these people to fuck off .

This is just the type of fucking bullshit I was, as I’m sure most of you were, afraid of... With Imus getting the boot the way he did, it's now opened the fucking floodgates for everyone that gets offended by the littlest fucking thing to DEMAND FOR FIRING!!! And apparently the companies (CBS in particular) seem so fucking chickenshit of losing possible ad revenue, that they're just gonna bow down to every single one of them... No matter how ridiculous the claim. Apparently we've seen the last of the days when you pay a fine, and MIGHT get fired, if you broke FCC regulations... Now they seem to be trying to blacklist you if you simply hurt someone's fucking feelings.

What the fuck is happening in this country. There's a fucking bullshit war going on and our people are dieing and we're worried about "nappy headed hoes?" You've got to be fucking kidding me. Get your motherfucking heads out of your asses and worry about real shit. Al Sharpton should be worried about getting people out of Iraq, not Don Imus. God damn it I'm fucking furious over this crap. Whatever happened to free speech ? Isn't that what we fight wars for? If you don't like what someone says then change the motherfucking channel you god damn pussy.

Of course my opinion means nothing because I'm a middle class white male. I have no right to comment on this because if I support Imus and JV & Elvis then I must be racist, right? Isn't that how it works these days? Attach racism to a free speech issue and suddenly no one is allowed to support it.

There is a site set up for us to fight back against this sort of stuff from continuously happening , It's called www.peopleagainstcensorship.com . Take a look at it and fight back to get our freedom back where it belongs ....with the people .
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