Saturday, May 26, 2007

Viewer's Choice

Welcome to the 1st ever totally viewer submitted weekend column . I hope you guys keep this up because the resoponse was pretty good .

This week's topic was : Relationships

Submitted by Chris Edwards - This is for those of you who may need a lil help with the ladies......

Submitted by Mick - A deleted scene from Knocked Up

Submitted by Zeebee - Some people just have a great relationship with themselves

Submitted by Liferns - Go ask Alice anything you want about your love life .

Submitted by We23 - In Heartbreak Hell? 5 Tips to Help You Heal

Submitted by John Farner - If you're on an Italian beach with your mistress, don't wave to the television helicopter overhead broadcasting a live feed

Submitted by Sue Bee - Tell Tale Signs of A Cheating Spouse

Submitted by Joeblow - Im in love .
Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!