Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wil it ever stop ?

And just when you thought it couldnt get any worse with our so called freedoms in this country being stripped from us ...a new law is going to be passed that wont let you wear your ipod while crossing the street. what's next?!!!

Is our goverment ever going to stop playing mommy & daddy to us . If someone wants to wear thier Ipod and cross the street without looking and get hit by a car well that's THIER problem and it doesnt affect anyone except them .
The only law they should adapt from this is if the person wearing an Ipod is crossing the street and gets hit by a car that the person driving isnt responsible and that is a law I'll get behind .I could care less if someone chooses to cross the street and get hit ..WHO CARES ?! Stop trying to control everything and let people make decision for themselves and be accountable for thier own actions .

We need to keep our own Identity and stop conforming to what THEY tell us before it's too late people .

Here We Go .....

Locked out of your car ...Unlock your car with a cell phone

It's good to see that all the technology has produced this masterpiece.

School superintendent bans parents from cheering when their child's name is being called during graduation ceremonies. This guy would get a resounding "Fuck Off" from me if I was in this situation .

The Greatest Batshit Insane Television Shows of All Time

Dont get caught up in the epidemic that is sweeping the nation ..Bro Rape .

South Carolina starts selling beer with 14-percent alcohol. ROAD TRIP !~

The 8 Players You Meet in Pickup Basketball Hell

With "The Price is Right" coming to a close, FHM found it an appropriate time to take an inappropriate look at the hottest of the PIR girls: Gabrielle Tuite

Woman creates retractable high heeled shoes. Strippers can now blend in with regular women

Minefields 2 - You must find the way through the enemy lines.Use the actions in your toolbox to find the safe way through
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