Monday, June 18, 2007

Get Your Seat today

Tommorow is the 1st annual Daily Column Texas Hold Em Tournament and as to dat we still have a few openings left so let me know today if you plan on coming so I can save you a seat .

Not many forums members have commited even though those smart asses gave me the most shit about getting it put together ..typical for this group.

Here we go .....

It's called " Fire in the Hole " and it's damn funny .

(NSFW) Someone forgot to send the memo to Poland that you arent supposed to shower with your clothes on

View every major league (American) baseball race in a "horse-race" style. This site was designed to bring a historical season to life more so than mere standings or graphs.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog slams everyone and everything at The Tonys

A museum dedicated to the bizarre designs of Soviet-era arcade games. (w/25 pictures)

How good are you at guessing someone's age?

The 13 Most Ridiculous Television Shows to Ever Get Green-Lit

Evan O'Dorney has taken quite a beating on the Internet after videos of his interviews surfaced, but he's a pretty good sport on the Jimmy Kimmel show
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