Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gone Fishin

Ok , Here's the short version of it :

I have been fishing about 25 times in my life and have NEVER caught a fish . It wasnt for a lack of trying but I just never seems to catch anything except a buzz ...until last night .

We headed out of Branford Harbor around 6:30 and headed for the Branford Beacon , where the fish were supposed to be jumping on the boat , or so they said . After about 35 minutes there we headed for the Thimble Islands in search of Stripers & Blues. We dropped anchor at the mouth of the harbor and cracked the beer and waited . Now I am anxious to catch something so every 3 or 4 minutes I check my bait and there's nothing ( I know your not supposed to but I was anxious so go screw) and finally I get a bite . I pull the rod up to 12 o clock like I was told and I start reeling , It was a very cool rush to finally have a fish on my line . So my buddy gets the net out and scoops up one of these babies ....

It definatley wasnt the most attractive fish but fuck it , It was a fish . We got it off the hook and let it go back in the water. The only other fish that was caught was a Striper by another guy but considering there were 5 guys and only 2 of us caught something I thought I did pretty well . ( I actually had another really big one surface on my line then spit the hook but I cant brag about that one)

I "hooked" and want to go again tommorow !

Here we go .....

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