Monday, June 25, 2007

The Good & The Bad

A couple of random things to mull over , one good & one bad .

There are few things in life that truly make me happy because you know me , I hate alot of shit . My happy things are :

1. My Family
2. My Friends
3. My Softball teams
4. My Love of the TV show MARTIN

Which brings me to the good part of my random things , I recently bought season 2 of the TV show Martin and let me tell you that it is fantastic. 29 episodes of martin on 4 discs and everyone is funnier than the next one . This was a show that was way ahead of it's time .

And now the bad thing..

Men dont care about their hair . We dont go out and buy fancy shampoos or do we EVER use conditioner. We like the shampoos that pretty much do everything in one single application such as PERT . Pert is a shampoo that has conditioner right in with the regular shampoo. I ran out the other day and just went to buy a new bottle and bought the Pert with the "refreshing" feel , or thats what it said on the bottle .

Well let me tell you this stuff is as good as pouring acid on your scalp . I guess it has something equal to Vics Vapor Rub which is supposed to give your scalp a nice refreshing feel ....untill the shampoo gets in your eyes and it burns for 2 hours afterwards . Please do us men a favor and dont try and make our shampoo fancy because we just dont care that much about it , Just make a product that cleans our hair .

Here We Go ......

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