Monday, June 4, 2007

Hello Monday

The Soprano's were fantastic last night episode in 2 years and with only 1 episode left I honestly dont know what the hell is going to happen . I would go into it but I dont want to ruin for all of you guys who havent watched it yet but trust me it's a reeeeeeeally good one .

Remember my rant I told you about on friday ? Well it passed and we will get into new stuff tommorow .

Here We Go ....

Hi, Im Kenny Rogers and this is Jackass . I love it how every one he is getting hit with a bat .

Family Guy meets Star Wars in this sneak peek at a 10 minute preview of the upcoming one hour special of Family Guy's version of Star Wars. Obviously will be hilarious

Paula Abdul manages to be completely wasted yet again on TV, to no ones surprise really

More people watch more pornography than ever. Pornography is the real success story of the internet, if that is the correct terminology. BUT - there is so much of it, and so much of it is being given away, that it's becoming ever more difficult to make a profit on it.

(NSFW) A-Rod is the man , And his stripper friend is all woman for sure !

ABC News's all time favorite doctored magazine covers .

Somewhere in the pedophile handbook, it must say if you hear a walkie talkie, it's time to run toward the nearest 18 year old you can find. This loser didn't get that memo.

This one is for my good friends Jambo & VNobile1 - History of Firefighting Vehicles
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