Wednesday, June 13, 2007

He's Back !

All is good again in DC world . If you havent noticed yet, I reinstated Daveyboy to once again do the weekend columns for us So enjoy those this and every weekend .

Where's Basky ? Where's Basky ?? ...LETS ROCK .....

Worst Band Ever Gets Attacked on Stage - The most amazing part is that there was actually a fan there to record it happening. Must be a paid audience.

Reinstate Imus petition - Sign it to get him back & (the bigger picture) protect our freedoms .( Thanks Bobby Dunne)

I got 3 words ...HOT BIKINI TEENS !

The URL says it all:

Cheaters Always Prosper especially when your on the Price is Right .

In the spirit of the old yeti/penguin game, this time you whack a guy on a bicycle. ( try beating 875.5 )

100 Hottest Women - Lesbian Edition...We heard what Maxim thinks. What about the lesbians, how do they rate the hottest women?

Japan surprisingly releases the most creepy robot ever. (w/video)

Iraqi kid gets slapped around with a sandal for waving at the troops
Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!