Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hoot's Thursday Things

Hungry? Live rabbit fed to python!

This story just goes to show that the end is near! The fish are fighting back. Jumping sturgeon injures woman in Florida.

More proof the end is near! An unusually aggressive squirrel attacked three people in a German town before its last victim finished it off with a crutch

This is a cool site. Lots of search engines in one place. Sputtr

Amazing blowjob! (NSFW. Well the site is NSFW. The video, you tell me?)

I know I have seen some of these before but some look new. More 3d Sidewalk Art.

How long do you think it would take the cops to show up if you were playing the dumping a dead body prank?

Go ahead just try and wear your saggy pants in our town.

Some good stuff in these!!! Cool Classic Car Videos

11 Trippy Questions

Nice. Play a little Puke the Pirate.

Bizarre Accidents

If your bored this weekend and you like the Bee Gees come down to Branford's 23rd Annual Festival on the town green. Saturday night features Stayin' Alive a Bee Gees tribute band.

See ya. Peace. Hoot23
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