Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Hungover weekend update!!!

Well my wife is up at the cape this weekend so what do I do?? Go out and get as drunk as I possibly can and stay up pretty damn late!! I am hurting!! Here is a short one to keep you all occupied!!

Play every one's favorite game at the bar Photohunt!!

Here is a funny game Play Frat boy blindate horror!!

Who doesn't enjoy watching someone get tazered??

Check out the crazy racist family on the Tyra Banks show!!

Japanese news woman falls 5 floors while on tv!!

Here are the 5 biggest pricks in congress!!

Here are the top ten comedians you may never have heard if!! With video evidence!!

Play guess the celebrity ugly kid game!!

News-Girl has her legs cut off on a thrill ride at Six Flags!!

Read about the Case of the travelling semen!!

Let us finish with a little porn!!NSFW

Here are some teen lesbians!!

Tice Nitties!!!

Here is a little more lesbian action!!

You all have a great weekend, I will be back on the next one!!
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