Monday, June 11, 2007

Is that the end ?

I only had two reactions when the end of the final episode was over in last night Sopranos and I know Im not the only one who thought this :

1. Dont tell me the fuckin power went off ?
2. Who is fucking with the remote ?

What kind of a way is that end a series ? Are You kidding me !!! There is no way this can be the end because they left it wide open and playing "Dont Stop Beiliving " which kinda hints of more good stuff to come . I thought the episode was pretty good but coulda used a little more gangster stuff and a little less family stuff in my eyes . (Im trying to be a vauge as possible for those of you who havent seen it yet) . The Phil thing went off great and was a classic scene with the black kids puking .

Please tell us there will be more Sopranos , please ?

Ohh, And If you want to be in the new Indiana Jones movie as an extra you will need to make your way to the Omni Hotel this morning with a head shot because they will be casting for extras today .

Here we go .....

Did this guy catch a video of the Loch Ness Monster ? You decide .

The Evolution of Joan Rivers. It's quite disturbing if you ask me .

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Living crabs found under a 70 year old driveway, one with a barnacle on its back, far from the ocean. (w/video)

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This video taught me guys will let hot girls do anything to them, even have them fart in their mouths

Every year in Gloucester, UK, people gather to chase an 8lb. ball of cheese down a giant hill. Apparently bouncing down the hill is preferred over running

"Flesh Gordon" has to be the most confusing, least arousing porno-superhero combo flick ever made. (Bizarrely NSFW.)

Sweet Victoria - Her boobs just make me want to take a nap... on them
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