Friday, June 29, 2007

Opportunity ?

For all you readers in New york city ....your fucked right along with the rest of us it seems ?

Welfare wasnt enough , public housing wasnt enough , food stamps wasnt enough because now you people have Opportunity NYC.They are going to start paying poor families to go to school and to work...are you fucking kidding me ?

$400 if your kid graduates high school
$200 if yiou take your kid to the doctor
$200 if you go to the doctor
$50 if your kids gets a library card
$25 if you go to a PTA meeting

Is this country fucking nuts ? When are these assinine programs going to stop ? They say these are programs to help the poor when in actuality they are programs to enable the poor because we all know these people are still going to be poor after all this is over wanna know how you get out of being poor ? GET A JOB ! Apparently thee are tons of them out there because every mexican with 2 working legs are coming over here to get them because no one wants them . Let me ask you a question , If I told you that you can wash dishes all day for $100 or take your kid to the doctor for $200 which are you gonna do ?

Lets do it this way then , I gradutaed high school and I have a library card . I also take my kid to the doctors so where's my fucking money ? We wont get it because this country dont give a damn about the people who do the right thing but we always have to give to the people who do the wrong thing . As far as Opportunity NYC goes , Here's your opportunity " OPEN THE WANT ADS AND GET A JOB "

Sorry , had to get that off my chest .

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