Friday, June 8, 2007

Perfection Or Character ?

The Forum members have been complaining about the lack of quality stuff to talk about lately and I have been putting this together for a couple days now , So let's see what discussions we get out of this .....

I often wondered why so many of us go for the perfect body, nice cars, and the expensive clothes. I was in this mode where I had to have the perfect job, and nice place to live and great neighborhood with a great car. Most of which I accomplish except the perfect body ( I am chubby as hell!!!)and the perfect car . I have realized that none of these things will make you any happier until you take the time to get to know yourself first. Just think about it, how much do you really know about yourself? Really know? We know basic things, likes and dislikes.....but what about the matters of the heart? Does your likes and dislikes still remain the same from two years ago after all the ups and downs that have taken place in your life. ( I doubt it)

I truly believe that once we get to know ourselves we understand that material things are not all what we make them out to be. Some of us choose friends based on what they have or what we obtain. We feel that friends have to be on the same level as we. That is self centered and boring. Where is the character in all this? When are we going to choose values over substance. When are we going to get to know a person for who they are and not for what they have or what we can get from them. And why does reality hits us when we are going through a trial that has taken place in your lives. Is this the only times we get to see people and things for what they really are? I hope not.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and yes there are times in our lives that we will not particularly love the way things are going in your lives but in that moment we still know who we are, who we want to become, and how to love with our all. Choose to love a person and yourself on the true character that comes out from within. Once you learn who you are you will find yourself learning to know others. I found for myself this is the way we should be. Sometimes we only see what we want to see but if we see with character we see the truth of a individual. So stop for a moment and question yourself.... Are you living in perfection or character?

Here we go ....

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