Friday, June 1, 2007

TGIF ....Bitch !

If you live here in Ct , Im sure you got woken up last night by a spectacular thunder & lightning show about 1:30am .... nothing is better than bad weather.

As I was sitting home waiting to go to work , I was flipping through the channels and watched Wedding Crashers and this has to be one of the best scenes in it :

I had a good rant today but I have decided that I am going to hold it off until monday because I have to gather more facts first ...Imagine me ....gathering facts . kinda wierd , huh ?

Let's do this shit .....

You like sucker punches ...Well I got the 10 best sucker punches EVER .

Nancy Grace Gets Owned Hard by her producer . You can just tell how pissed she is during this .( Ads are NSFW)

A buddy of mine wrote a book and Im here to promote it . that's right mother F'ers, I know someone who actually wrote a book . Andy Verlezza is his name and cooking is his passion .

Perfect Summit - Check out this awesome point and click detective game. Make your choices wisely

Dave Frieder is a world renouned bridge photographer and all you shutterbugs should bow at his existance !

Ok , I'll give a free something to the 1st person who can tell me what's wrong with this ?

Click & Drag the red block as long as you can without getting hit . I got 29.54 seconds

Mountain Dew = shrinking 'nads? The Straight Dope answers all your nut questions

When I see things like this , I becaome the happiest person on the face of this earth that we will live in a society to allow things like this to happen .

Pistol shrimp blowing a blast of water a speed of 100km/h with temp 9900C
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