Tuesday, June 5, 2007

There's gonna be a run for the border now !

Since the forum members have complained it has been kinda slow on the topics lately , Here's one to get us all charged up again :

New Haven Approves ID cards for Illegal Immigrants ???

In a 25 to 1 vote Monday, aldermen approved acceptance of $250,359 in private funds from the First City Fund Corporation to support the mayor's plan. The Elm City Resident Card, originally designed to help undocumented immigrants avoid getting robbed or assaulted, will be a combination of identification, debit card, library card, and a way to pay the parking meter, for all city residents young and old. The city plans to roll out the new cards in July.

The city will also start working towards the ID card's main public safety goal -- allowing immigrants to use the ID to open bank accounts and therefore not get robbed while carrying around large amounts of cash -- by reaching out to area banks.

When the fuck did we become a nation that disobeys all the laws that were put into place a long time ago? When did we become a nation of spineless pussies that allow anyone to come in and dictate what they want and get it ??

Mistake me if Im wrong here but isnt there a law somewhere that says if you are caught here illegially that you will be sent back to your own country ....doesnt anyone else but me remember we have this law ? Now instead of sending these lawbreakers back we will be paying for their food , clothes and healthcare ..pretty good huh ?

We as a nation have so many problem right in our backyard such as rampant homelessness and skyrocketing unemployment rates but instead of taking care of our own first we are choosing to reach out to the people who arent even supposed to be here in the first place and there is nothing legally we can do about it . Isnt there a Green Card system in place where you have to go through certain avenues to become a citizen ?

Look , In closing I could care less if your white, black , mexican or a green alien but if you come here the proper way and contribute like I do to society then you deserve to be here and get all this country has to offer .....But now what New Haven has done is open the border to anyone who feels like coming while the taxpayers pick up the fucking tab !

UNREAL ?!?@?@

Chew on that for a while .....

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