Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Weekend Readers Column

Here is the second installment of the readers submitted column . topis was : weird things for sale .....

Submitted By Chris Edwards - i dont know if this is real or not, but its pretty weird.

Here's 2 from Bunnybear - Kermit cant be happy about this one

I know they say put your best foot forward but This is ridiculous.

Here's one from Daddy O - You want to look like a redneck without actually becoming one , then spray on mud is definatley a good start .

Here's an ontime Greg J with a bunch of links -

Here's an "iPhone Clone" that is such a rip-off, it even copies the
default wallpaper. I would safely bet we won't see if for sale in the

Speaking of phones - You will be able to buy Cellphones that could
warn of imminent lightning strike. I can see it now, "Excuse me,
could you repeat that? My phone is beeping...something about running
for cover...ZAP!!!"

Wanna buy a school ?

Most people think I'm a Mac-only nut. Well, they're right. But, if
you MUST buy a non-Apple computer, here's what to buy.

Since Summer is upon us in the North East, everyone fires up their
grills. Here's a wireless meat thermometer so you know when you're
stuff is done -

Under the "What the?" category: Personal USB 'fridge
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