Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Weekend Update!!!

Well after a little hiatus, I am back!! I have spoken with Richie and we worked everything out and he has graciously invited me back into his Internet world. I will say for the last few weeks I have been enjoying the time off as you can see me seated here in the Yankee dugout making a call to the bullpen. I took the family on the tour of Yankee stadium back on June 2. We really had an excellent time, we went into the clubhouse, out to monument park and we were able to walk from monument park along the warning track into the dugout!! the tour finished with us sitting in the press box for a while with a great view of my favorite place on earth!!

It was great to get the chance to do all these things at The Stadium ,but I was a little disappointed compared to some of the other stadium tours I have taken. Over the last couple years I have been to Camden Yards and Jacobs field and I took the tour at both places. The groups were around 20-30 people and the guides really gave you a nice history lesson about the parks as well as the surrounding areas. This was not the case at Yankee stadium, the group was about 70 people and they kept you moving the whole time. I was constantly battling this one guy every time I fell behind to get a good picture. Add in the fact that the tour at Yankee stadium was double the price of the other two stadiums and there you go.

Don't get me wrong, if you are a true Yankee fan you have to do this before the stadium closes. To be in the dugout where some of the legends of the game sat was truly an honor. To see this famous sign on the way down to the dugout brought me the chills!!

Enough of this stuff, let's have a little fun!!!

Well if you didn't get to see what i had posted the last time I did the weekend update here is a little of what you missed!!

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Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!