Saturday, June 30, 2007

The weekend update!!

This just in.... Micheal Franti and Spearhead will be playing the Nokia Theater in NYC's Times Square on Saturday October 6, tickets are $25.00 and will be more than well worth it!! If you are not familiar with the band here is a recent video for the song- "Time to go home" you can also check out some other cool Frantiv videos lower down on that page. We went to go see them at NYC's Webster Hall last November 11 and let me tell you, it was a killer show!!

Let us go-

Remember Screech from Saved By the Bell, well here he is taking a little abuse!!

Check out-I dream of a sex starved genie!! SFW

Now this guy is a good pimp!!

Here is the latest installment of parent of the year, see if you can spot the baby in this video!!

Play-Perfect Pizza here!! A fun game where you build pizzas!!

Play-Turbo Charged penguins and make your Penguin fly way up high!! M

Last game, because I love golf games here is another cool mini golf game!!

Here is a ten video montage of the two greatest Corey's ever-Haim and Feldman!!

Here is the best of president Bush on Family guy!!

In the news-Boy gargled as he died!!

Snagged by dateline NBC!!

Let us finish, as always with a little pron!!NSFW

Behold the "Dirty Little Bitch"!! NSFW

Seri-Ass Booty Alert right here!!!!!

I have seen alot of things on the internet and have been ok, this is quite possibly the most distubing thing I have ever seen!! You have been warned!!!

On that note, I am done!! Have a great fourth of July and I will see you all next week!!

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!